Scanpack 2015

Fri, 06/26/2015 - 16:36

                    Scanpack - new knowledge!


PPS Theme at Scanpack 2015 was Print, Labelling, Marking and control, Track & Trace and robot solutions.

The common thread at our stand was exiting news and our little Denso robot showed how easy it is to solve even small inappropriate tasks in the everyday production.

Print, Labelling, Marking and Control PPS:
We showed Hapas brand new digital label printer  to print 4-color labels in "roll to roll"


The printed roll can then be taken to a completely new developed sensational label converting line model "Compact" from our daughter company Werosys. On the “Compact” the label finishing result is small label rolls, which can immediately be used in various labelling equipment.

The finished label roll can be transferred on to Hermas new labeling system H-132M HC, a compact system for side labeling of at round objects. Hermas labelling unit is equipped with printer for variable information, and is fitted with Laetus Track & Trace equipment for control and collection of data from the printed informations.


On the stand we also presented ....

The new Herma 152c Standard unit & Prisma series which solves any task, even the tricky labeling challenges, e.g. where the spiral effect seen on the labeling of items that are not quite dimensionally stable.

The digital Hapa REDCube printer - unique UV inkjet technology, which is used when a flexible print are acquired directly on the product - or on the packing material.

Laetus MV50 - Track & Trace unit, small and easy to implement on the packaging line; used for serialization and control of pharma cartons - we showed how easy it can be done!

Laetus cameras and barcode readers - for use in industrial production.

The ReaJets equipment for marking of variable data. ReaJet has its specialty in labeling products and packaging materials with variable data - even for very different and challenging tasks. ReaJets TIJ printer print with HP Technology (Inkjet) and ReaJets CO2 laser solves problems which cannot  be solved by CIJ inkjet.

PPS also presented how the small Denso robot can be used for streamlining the workflow and to eliminate inappropriate tasks in production.

Let's meet over a cup of coffee - and we will present all the news!

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