Track & Trace

PPS were the first in Scandinavia!
Already 7 years ago, we and Laetus put Track & Trace on the agenda for Scandinavian manufacturers of prescription-only medicine. Since then, we together with Laetus, continually updated our customers’ knowledge in the area, through seminars, news emails and exhibitions

Laetus is one of the world leading Track & Trace providers
- and with PPS as integrator we together deliver these solutions on the Scandinavian market.

Click the picture and finde the Laetus presentation video here:

Implementation of Track & Trace is urgent
By the end of 2017, Track & Trace solutions must be implemented on all packaging lines that supply to the EU. This means, that there from now on must be launched and installed about 5.000 solutions just in Europe. It’s therefore urgent to start the process in your business now. The risk is that your business will be denied supplies to the EU or other countries with similar laws i.e. the Californian E-pedigree, if the regulations are not respected.

Flexible and space saving solutions
Together with Laetus we are not only able to supply equipment for print and control, but also a software package that together with high quality support, provides the optimum solution. It is more than just marking and verifying. Also the complete flow of products and a solution for re-packing has been taken care of. The different equipment can also be supplied as printing-/control equipment without the actual serial number. When the serial number is later required, the equipment can be updated.

The serial numbering can wait
We can supply solutions only containing the marking-/ control equipment without the serial numbering. When serialization later is required, the equipment will be updated. In this way 
experience with the equipment itself will be achieved, while routines and software around  the Track & Trace part will be adapted and phased.