It's all connected
One of PPS focus areas is printing and quality control - two areas which are connected in the productions. When marking are performed, similar controls often must be done.

Print in a new way and in several colors!
Developments in printing technology have has proceeded fast in the last years. Only few years ago the normal was the use of clichés - and in one color. Now digital printing is also used, in several colors, and sometimes also as 4-color (CMYK) printing.

Sophisticated security and control!
Control of failed products with 3-D cameras gives new unique opportunities for security. The equipment can for example be used in quality control when filling tablets and capsules into blister backs.

To ensure that the printed information, such as barcodes, 2-D code or text is not only readable, and contains the correct information the print quality is also measured.

The equipment becomes more and more sophisticated -  PPS has all the unique solutions.