A  Network of Possibilities”
– what PPS supplies its customers.

PPS advice and guidance without the tie
We are not tied to one supplier, which means we can provide you with a ”network of possibilities”.

PPS wants to be in the customer’s thoughts
We want to be a sparring partner and the customer’s first choice when they need equipment, good advice, or when new solutions, a different thought process or optimisation are required.

PPS developing with the times
PPS will always have a solution for most jobs in the production and packaging process, and our concept allows us to constantly develop our advice and comprehensive range in line with the developments and needs of ”our customers’ customers”.

PPS also says no
We say no thank you if we do not think we can help the customer in the best possible way. However, our ”no thank yous” are usually followed by a referral to a better solution.

PPS, more than just a sale
We have the expertise to adapt standard equipment to completely new solutions. And we have the opportunity to involve our competent business partners in special projects.

PPS has its own technical department
PPS is with you all the way after delivery. Our technical department usually takes over the maintenance of the equipment. In addition to a solid technical background and many years of experience, our technicians receive regular training from our business partners.

PPS – for both planned and urgent jobs
Our service department is geared towards both planned maintenance and sudden breakdowns that need immediate attention.

We stock spare parts and have developed a special ”emergency programme”, enabling us to provide fast, effective support.

PPS helps the customer with spare parts and accessories
Our AfterSales department helps with the supply of spare parts and accessories for the customer’s production.