Packaging eQUIPMENT

A Network of Possibilities...
PPS works on the principle of "A Network of Possibilities" which means, that we can supply all kinds of quality equipment for the packaging process for our customers.

From the very simple equipment, to the complete line
Our range covers a broad spectrum, spanning from the simple filling- and packaging equipment via equipment for control and security, Track & Trace, marking and labeling, to large complete packaging lines.

PPS also offers robotic solutions where the need is streamlining the workflow - even the very small workflows within the production.

Price, quality and profitability
The price is a major factor when new equipment is to be purchased. And the investment obviously a major influence on profitability. But quality is also an important factor to prevent recurring problems, and the notoriously high costs of crashes. We also focus on flexible, simple and straight forward workflow, the option of rapid changeover and minimal maintenance.

PPS gives priority to cooperation with suppliers who produce high quality at competitive prices. We offer both the well known brands, but also suppliers of quality equipment from Asia.